CQCQ this is PB7Z PB7Z  - Bernard from Schoonoord , The Netherlands Loc JO32IU...pls K :)


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My first contact with the radio hobby was when i was only 8 years of age.We had then a small Illegal Radio station and we did transmit mostly Dutch Music on the 3 Meter band (between 100 and 106 Mhz.) It was just a small transmitter with only 15 Watts output. We coult reach around 25KM from our house..

In 1980 the 27Mc band got Legal and we bought us a small radio...Major 3000 it was, if i remember correct.We also had a Amroh CB-007...Major 4000..all with just 22 channels..FM-mode and 0.5 Watts. It was a great feeling talking to people from other towns..and we also exchanged QSL cards then already. Still have a lot of them in books. But...sometimes people didn't hear me...so we got a small Liniar Amplifier from 15 Watts...

Some years later we got a broken President Transceiver. I don't recall what type it was..but the TX was broken...the RX worked very well. I couldn't believe what i did hear..the USA..Russia etc..wow..Never knew that was possibe :)

It took untill 1987 before i had a good transceiver that coult reach outside of the Netherlands. First it was a Formac 120..120 channels FM/AM with 15 Watts. With this radio i made my first contacts with Germany , The UK and even one with Turkey. My Qso with Turkey caused some problems with our neightbors. The day i made the Qso with the Turkisch station, was the day that the neightbor took free of work to put some music on some tapes....after he recorded them he listened if all was ok...and he did hear someone calling Bravo Zulu on it all the time...That was me...calling the Turkisch Station in AM...ooops For me a good thing to know that the AM-mode isn't a good way to talk on...But i still have the QSL card from the Turkisch OM.

A little later i borrowed a President Jackson from my friend Jan. With this radio the World opend for me.It had 240 channels and around 25 Watts. Little later i bought myself a President Lincoln...a new one..that i still have in my collection. In 2000 i got my first bigger transceiver...the Kenwood TS-430.With this radio i worked alot of DXCC's on the 11 meter band (27.415-27.900 Mhz) in SSB.

Some of my old callsigns from there are Bravo Zulo , 19ND108 , 19VR1582 , 19WR022 , WAC198 , 19ON332 , 19AT332 , 19SD332 and 19DX332

In 2006 the news came that the Dutch Novice HAM's woult get some frequencies in the HF bands.Before they had only 2 Meters (144-146 Mhz) and 70 Cm (430-440 Mhz) all mode with 25Watts.For me not very interresting for me, because i liked the HF bands...So after hearing the news about the expanding from the Freq...i did try the Exams for the Novice in 2006 April.I did pass with just enought good questions..if i have had one fault more..i wouldn't have made it.Few weeks later...PD7BZ was born.

It took till 17Dec 2006 before the Novice were allowed on HF.From that date the Novice is allowed on HF on the Complete 10M band (28.000-29.750) , on 20M (14.000-14.250) and on 40M (7.050-7.100) with 25 Watts and in all modes.My first Qso's on 20M were made with a simple wire dipole from 2x 5 meter copperwire.With this simple dipole i coult make it even to Afganistan.

Little later i got some better antenna's...Fritzel FB33 , PKW MHF1e40 , Butternut HF6V , Butternut HF5B etc.

With my callsign PD7BZ i worked over 79.500 Qso's in 295 DXCC's on just 3 bands...from who 263 DXCC's confirmed on LoTW.

On the 6th of November 2013, i did pass with succes for my Full Licence. Few weeks later i got the confirmation by the post and i coult pick a new FULL Licence Callsign. I wanted to keep the Bravo Zulu..as they are the starting letters from my name. So i choose for PB7Z....and since the 26th of December i am already active with this Callsign. I am now alloed to transmit on all HAM bands with the maximum limit power that is allowed. See here the Dutch Bandplan