CQCQ this is PB7Z PB7Z  - Bernard from Schoonoord , The Netherlands Loc JO32IU...pls K :)


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My Activities

I am very close to the National Parc Sleenerzand.I am sometimes active from there as PB7Z/p with the reference WFF PAFF-061. I did activate this already before as PB7Z/p and with my old Novice callsign PD7BZ/p as well. During the SSB Fieldday contest i will be there again hoping for some good propagations and alot of chasers/contesters in my log :)

Also the National Parc Hooghalen-Grolloo is very close to my Qth and i did already activate it once with PD7BZ/p. Logged little over 100 Q's that time. But will be there again as well operating from PAFF-046.

In May we always activate a Windmill during the Mills on the Air. We are then in Gieterveen inside the Windmill de Eendracht. We activated it already few times..starting in 2009. We started using our own callsign's as portable...PD5JFK/p and PD7BZ/p. The years after that we used a SES Callsign like PD6MILL and PB14MILL

In 2010 i also activated a SES call for the 80th Dutch TT GP Motor races in Assen. Assen is the main capital of my Province Drenthe and the Dutch TT is the biggest event In my Province. Over 100.000 people are visiting the Race track then on the training and racing days. The callsign used was PD80TT. In 2015 it will be the 85th year....so who knows i will be active again with a SES call..

In 2009 i was active with PD55EA. The open air musea "Ellert and Brammert" celibrated it's 55th year that time. The musea shows how people lived here in Drenthe hundred of years ago...but also some buildings from the early 80's.